Despite the closure of the estuaries, within the Delta Plan, having drastically reduced the dynamics of the Biesbosch there is still a considerable amount of important and unique landscape remaining. The Biesbosch of today is a combination of small lakes, creeks, small and larger interconnecting waterways, secluded inlets, mires and river banks covered in a tangle of reed, willow, weeds and plants.

Bootje Prinsenheuvel Foto: H. Gebuis
Lepelaarsgat Foto: R. van Jeveren Westhaven Foto: R. van Jeveren Drooggat Foto: R. Jaquet
Gat van Kielen Foto: H. Gebuis Nieuwe Merwede Foto: Ronald van Jeveren
Gat van Kielen Photo: Ronald van Jeveren